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The Use Of Heat Pressing Machine In The Furniture Industry
Jun 09, 2017

  The use of Heat Pressing Machine in the furniture industry

  With the reduction of timber, especially precious timber resources, more and more furniture on the use of thin wood or stickers and other pressing process, as a pressing process important equipment in the hot-pressing machine in furniture manufacturing is often used for veneer and compacting parts, its production capacity and technical performance constraints on the production scale and quality of products. In order to better understand and choose Heat Pressing Machine, this article is the furniture industry often used veneer Heat Pressing Machineing machine as an example of the press to introduce.

  The furniture industry uses the veneer pressing machine, the format basically adapts to the wood-based panel specification size (1220 X 2440mm), the board surface pressure is usually 02.4MPa, the corresponding total pressure in 120t. In addition to Heat Pressing Machine plate size, total pressure, layer number, plate pressure and other main technical parameters, there are open, closed time, heating temperature and productivity and other technical parameters, according to different technological requirements to determine. The working process of the Heat Pressing Machine is divided into five processes, such as closing, boosting, holding pressure, unloading pressure and dropping. The mainframe of the press can be divided into three parts: the heating system (providing the heat source), the hydraulic system (the action of providing pressure and the control Press) and the press Body (rack, control part).

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