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The Use Of Heat Pressing Machine In Accordance
Jun 09, 2017

  The use of Heat Pressing Machine in accordance with the standard operation to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel. Patrol is the focus of safety norms, note the following:

  1, every 4 hours to check the motor, reducer, bearing heating, lubrication, transmission, stroke switch, pneumatic components work is normal.

  2, each vehicle board should pay attention to observe the accumulator pressure is normal.

  3, at any time to pay attention to the hot press when the press plate and the beam and the frame between the card resistance phenomenon, if there should be timely troubleshooting, at any time to pay attention to the work is normal, whether there is a loose loss of the possibility, each class should be the next beam wear-resistant board friction surface

  4, slab, pallet, wool board should not stay in the press for too long, in order to avoid fire, in the event of a power outage, also should manually push down the pressure machine, lowering the press, the introduction of wool board.

  5, each board to enter the machine to observe whether there is damage to the tray, an unusual attention to the emergency stop button.

  6, pay attention to observe the push slab into the machine's car is normal work.

  7, the observation of the machine push plate into the press whether there is a card resistance, wool board whether all the press, if not all the press should be manually pulled out, to observe the rise and fall of the baffle device in place.

  8, check whether the heat pump has abnormal sound, whether there is leakage.

  9. Observe whether the working condition of front and rear baffle of hot press is abnormal.

  10, observe the hot press, loader tubing leakage.

  11. Pay attention to clean up the surface of the heat-conducting tubing and the dust of the press frame. The press range shall not be free of fire.

  12, pay attention to observe whether there is a significant iron foreign body into the press, so as not to damage the plate.

  13, at any time to observe whether the board has loosened phenomenon, if there should be timely treatment.

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