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Heat Pressing Machine Hydraulic System Has Two Basic Requirements
Jun 09, 2017

  Heat Pressing Machine hydraulic system has two basic requirements: the workpiece pressure and drive the hot plate to achieve a specific movement. The stability of fast closing and holding pressure is an important indicator of the performance of hydraulic system.

  As the veneer of the plastic heating and curing should be completed in the holding phase, so the closure of the fast process and efficiency are beneficial, on the one hand can reduce the slab in the non-pressure heating, to prevent excessive slag surface, Causing warping, but also to prevent the pre-curing glue to reduce the veneer quality; the other hand can shorten the auxiliary time to improve the productivity of presses. In order to make the press open and close smoothly, are generally set with a mechanical synchronization device or to maintain synchronization with the hydraulic system.

  Hydraulic cylinder is the core of the hydraulic system, the current majority of wood processing presses are used plunger hydraulic cylinder. Large diameter cylinder plunger is made of alloy casting, which is characterized by high hardness, hardness layer thickness, scratch resistance, the use of performance is better than carbon steel heat treatment plunger; small diameter cylinder plunger to carbon steel heat treatment surface hard chrome plated , The surface hardness is thin.

  As the Heat Pressing Machine usually requires fast opening and closing speed, to withstand the impact of pressure, so the cylinder must choose a higher strength of the material. For ordinary small diameter, long stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, can be made of seamless thick-walled steel pipe. For some of the requirements of the cylinder can be used for casting or forging cylinder.

  Usually the woodworking and furniture manufacturing Heat Pressing Machine work table are larger, in order to make the pressure distribution uniform, but also take into account the rationality of the layout of the structure, most of the multi-cylinder structure.

  Heat Pressing Machine itself in the production of the problem is not a lot, but a large part of it in the hydraulic system, such as oil and can not keep pressure. Many of the knowledge and requirements of the hydraulic system can not be described here, but must be taken seriously when selected.

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