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Automatic Folder Gluer Belts Often Slip Do?
Nov 08, 2016

When used at the automatic box-pasting machine, one of the belt is the essential accessories, belt slipping occurs during the gluing process is recurrent, encountered many novices may not know what to do, how do we solve belt slipping problem? let's take a look.
Automatic folder Gluer belts slipping common causes and solutions are:
1, start too fast can also form a slip. At this time can be a slow start. Such as the use of squirrel-cage motors can move twice to start, can effectively overcome the slip.
2, the initial tension is too small. Leave the roller tension caused enough slippage. This generally happens at startup, solution is to adjust the tensioning device, increasing tension at the beginning.
3, too much load, more than motor capacity will slip. To the favorable side of the skid is its protective effect. Or for a long time the motor will be burned to the ground. But running is slipping accidents.
4, caused enough friction between the drive pulley and belt slippage. Its not cause mostly wet with water or the environment. Solution is to add some Rosin in the roller end. But be careful not to use their hands to cast and blast equipment into, so as to avoid accidents.
5, rear drum bearing failure is not transferred or roller bearing damage does not turn too much up and down. Too many ups and downs due to tail damage, without timely maintenance and replacement of damaged parts or rotation is not flexible, so resistance increases cause skidding.

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