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Automatic Folder Gluer Purchasing Principles
Nov 08, 2016

Automatic box-pasting machine is one of the important equipment of the folding carton, to guarantee the quality of the final product is important. So, how to select the automatic box-pasting machine suitable for own production needs, on the subject of carton packaging companies are very concerned about. Now, talk about the "three principles" view.
1, suitable that best automatically paste box machine price disparity, and performance varies, and function different, tray packaging enterprise in purchase Shi, may wish to from enterprise currently undertake of folding tray business of reality starting, on existing folding tray by shape structure (as line type, and line hook end of type, and shaped,), and specifications size (expand size), and surface finishing process (as glazing, and covered film,) for classification statistics analysis, economic to select suitable of automatically paste box machine models, and specifications and necessary of configuration. If main production box type structure simple, and sales price cheap of line type folding tray, can select price relative lower, and function relative simple, and format specifications can effective compatible existing products specifications of domestic automatically paste box machine; also can through increased purchased hook end of and polished device to expand processing function, to meet UV glazing, and covered film, and composite sex material, folding tray of paste business requirements. If mainly the production of box-shaped structure is complex, high added value of the special-shaped folding cartons, recommends buying a fully functional imported private automatic box-pasting machine.
2, stability of stable and efficient equipment is usually associated with the equipment manufacturer's technical strength, in this regard, imported automatic box-pasting machine-made automatic folder Gluer won a raise. Buy automatic box pasting machine, carton packaging enterprises to avoid domestic automatic folder Gluer failure rate high enough, abandon the high price of imported automatic box-pasting machine, spare parts of your negative, in processing and Assembly technology is relatively high, reliable after-sales service of the joint-venture manufacturers, select appropriate equipment. Practice has proved that the strength, integrity and efficiency of joint venture production of automatic box-pasting machine, cost-effective, stable running, low failure rate, will enable carton packaging enterprises to achieve efficient production. In addition, automatic folder Gluer of the capacity factor that cannot be ignored, when purchasing priority should be normal production can meet the needs of enterprise production and management of equipment, not only luxury high speed, because pasting too fast will shorten in the process of folding carton pasting pressure and dwell time, which will affect the ultimate bonding effect.
3, convenient automatic pasting job is basically prophase the debugging requires patience and meticulous preparation, which not only increases the labor intensity of workers and reduced productivity and even affected the normal production and arrangements. At present, some imported automatic folder Gluer has achieved a digital control, greatly reduces the production lead time, and reduce the labor intensity of workers, improved the quality of pasting. Although such automatic box-pasting machine is expensive, but for the rich, high value-added products of carton packaging enterprises, is indeed a good choice. In short, carton packaging enterprises should proceed from its structure, the spirit of "fit that is best convenient, stable and efficient, that is human nature" principle, with "low input and high-yield" investment philosophy, properly select the appropriate economic, stable and convenient automatic box-pasting machine.

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