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Characteristics Of Box-pasting Machine
Nov 08, 2016

1. with a sponge belt next to the paper, adjustable knife combined with vibration motor, smooth and accurate separation of paper embryo. Photoelectric control clutch control of feed drive systems, ensuring accurate paper embryos into the plastic part, achieving no downtime to the paper.
2. photoelectric controlled hot melt adhesive systems, according to different position of adhesive on the paper size of the embryo and, with the adjustment to meet production requirements.
3. molding system using photoelectric and cylinder can be adjusted under the control of mould and die outside combination, accuracy and consistent paper embryo formation. Mold can also be adjusted according to the embryo the size of paper to meet the processing requirements of different size cartons.
4. conveyance unit with single speed motors, with the host production implementation regulation, ensure that products ordered output tray.
5. driven by inverter motor, balance of speed, power.
6. advanced timing belt timing transmission, ensuring accurate and stable transmission, low noise.

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