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Clothing Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Equipment For Clothing Fabrics
May 15, 2017

Clothing laser cutting machine

For the clothing fabrics and accessories cutting equipment, vacuum adsorption and honeycomb crawler transmission platform, pick and place materials convenient and quick, cutting fabrics, including colored plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton, chemical fiber and other materials. Applicable to garment processing, home textiles, automotive interior, plush toys processing, non-woven fabrics. Can be used with clothing photographic copy machine, quick plate proofing.

Easy operation and scalability of the plate system: playing system and the combination of laser cutting, no need to export cardboard design, only a few key data can be modified to achieve the structure of the linkage changes. Independent research and development typesetting software, cost reduction efficiency. Mirror function, double-headed at the same time cutting symmetrical style.

Clothing laser cutting machine Processing direction

Laser processing equipment used in the apparel industry's main products are high-speed laser cutting machine, automatic laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine, interactive double-headed laser cutting machine, automatic laser shutters and laser marking machine. The different processing dimensions of each device are different. The above-mentioned equipment in addition to laser marking machine, can be fabric cutting pieces, clothing proofing, trademarks, patch embroidery cutting, leather carved drilling, denim flowers, embroidery and other operations. And in the case of automatic laser cutting machine, its platform can be moved, and with the feeding device to achieve the purpose of automatic processing. Laser cutting machine is mainly used in large-format processing; interactive dual-head laser cutting machine in addition to adhering to the characteristics of laser cutting, the two of its laser head can be a separate operation can also be separated from the operation; automatic trademark cutting machine Such as trademarks, embroidery and other patterns for automatic identification and modeling, automatic search, but also with the standard graphics features similar to the graphics acquisition and automatic identification of cutting.

Clothing laser cutting machine Buy advice

Clothing laser cutting machine Therefore, the clothing enterprises in the purchase of equipment, we must first understand their own production range, processing materials and processing, etc., to determine the equipment to purchase the model, format and quantity for the latter part of the procurement work to do a simple bedding. When necessary, you can consult the relevant technical personnel of the laser equipment manufacturer on the relevant technical issues, or ask the professionals to perform the field simulation solution or provide the solution.

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