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Folder Gluer industry development trend
Nov 08, 2016

1, multi-functional, mobile
From the point of international market share, linear box was about 60%, lock bottom box was about 30%, hexagonal, octagonal box, special-shaped boxes around 10%, and the percentage of line boxes falling, special boxes increased the proportion of. At present, the packaging market remains generally use the standard line boxes. With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization and increased market competition, consumers and users of packaging boxes of increasingly high demand, in order to improve the product added value, packaging box design is also increasingly diverse, some advanced auto-lock bottom box demand is also increasing, including toy boxes, wine boxes, boxes of medicines. This complex box cannot be effectively used manual or simple pasting mechanism. Box type adaptability, domestic automatic folder Gluer far less imported automatic box-pasting machine, especially in the production of shaped box, automatic folder Gluer is also unable to meet domestic requirements, domestic manufacturers need to redouble our efforts.
2, high speed, high productivity
As a gift box suppliers, can provide immediate production and delivery has become a prerequisite for customer choice or not. On time delivery, within the shortest possible time provided a sufficient number of tray will help to get your order. Requires pasting machine must be easily adjustable, high production speed, of course, stability is indispensable, because manufacturers need to keep in a State of preparation for production.
Box with 3, adapted to small batch production
Short version of the live amid growing, small quantities of pasting in China mainly relies on manual, if the automatic box-pasting machine will make breakthroughs in small batch production, would be more conducive to the application of the automatic box-pasting machine.
4, increase automation
In towards the completion of the term throughout the printing industry more tightly, jobs, shorter, and more job changes and the need to reduce the preparation time of the direction set development, prepress equipment vendors are also facing increasing pressure. Automatic folder Gluer of the higher degree of automation, less dependent on the operator, but can also increase productivity, reduce operating personnel's labor intensity. In terms of operations will be more and more Humanized, reflecting the "people-oriented" design concept.

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