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Folder Gluer Manufacturing Process Solutions To Some Problems
Nov 08, 2016

Pasting is essential in the production and packaging processes, folder Gluer's birth solves the occupation staff up and labor-consuming problem, but new problems have emerged, that is in the box-pasting machine is not as quality as well as the manual. Folder Gluer is doing unsatisfactory in which is it?
1. avoid glue and adhesive
1) grasp and control box solid pressure time after bonding.
2) select the appropriate folder Gluer glue. Color box material and color box to select the type of folder Gluer glue and model.
3) during the winter, the low temperature on properties of folder Gluer glue used to some extent, it should be adjusted according to the features of folder Gluer glue temperature of the production environment. Before pasting glue curing products cannot be moved to a sub-zero environment.
2. the folder Gluer bonding location
Gluing process, bonding location is a common quality problems, specifically ultra line, offline, flare, color level on uneven and so on. These problems are legacies of the die-cutting process in General, and is often the result of line indentation in the die-cutting process is too narrow or die-cutting pressure is too light to cause, these problems take the following solution.
1) die-cut box line color line indentation when die-cutting pressure increases.
2) die-cut box when the main line of appropriate indentation width widened.
3) die-cutting process in the first, when the self test, inspection, gluing tests, if not should be improved.
3. to avoid excess glue, surface scratches, stains and other issues
1) grasp pasting Glue's open time, under normal circumstances, folder Gluer glue bonding works best when in a dry state.
2) operators should also pay attention to the influence of anthropogenic factors, such as at work not to have long nails.
3) do the pasting production site management, spread good on the operation table-cloth, and promptly clean up the solidification of folder Gluer glue particles.

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