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Heat Pressing Machine Cleaning And Maintenance Aspects And The Main Parts Of The Description
Oct 19, 2017

For the study of the Heat Pressing Machine, we will proceed below, mainly for its parts, as well as its cleaning and regular maintenance, so that through this, so that everyone in the product of learning to advance, rather than stop Not before, this is not conducive to the deep understanding of Heat Pressing Machine and explore.

1. The main components in the Heat Pressing Machine

Rack: mainly used to support the hot plate and hydraulic cylinders. And when the Heat Pressing Machine is operated, it is subjected to the total pressure of the Heat Pressing Machine operation.

Hydraulic cylinder: mainly through this kind of executive body, to achieve reciprocating linear motion.

Hot plate: mainly used to transfer pressure and heat, so it is very important. Moreover, the mechanical strength and stiffness of the hot plate, and its heat transfer performance is good or bad, will affect the quality of finished products, as well as equipment, such as output.

2. How to clean the Heat Pressing Machine?

Heat Pressing Machine cleaning, in general, is to use compressed air to directly purge, hot pipe will be in the water, to blow out. If not, then to the late, the amount can be used to heat the oil to cook water, so as to solve this problem.

3. Heat Pressing Machine for regular maintenance, then it is mainly related to what specific aspects?

Regular maintenance of the Heat Pressing Machine, the main aspects will be involved, there are:

Aspect 1: the surface of the piston wear and corrosion, as well as how the situation of the ring parts.

Aspect two: hot plate temperature is uniform, and whether the oil flow channel is smooth.

Three aspects: all the valves, springs and valves, the wear and tear is serious, as well as some important internal parts, wear is serious, the seal is good.

Aspect 4: For the equipment, the level of the rack and the base, whether to maintain the level, there is a good level for the basic level.

The above three aspects, are related to the Heat Pressing Machine, and are very important knowledge content, so we should be taken seriously and is so, so as to be able to firmly grasp, and do the practical use of the flexible, so that Improve the use of Heat Pressing Machine performance and effectiveness.

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