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Heat Pressing Machine Fast Heating And Long Service Life
Sep 22, 2017

A hot press is a device that heats two parts of tin pre-fluxed with a flux to a temperature sufficient to melt and flow the solder. After curing, a permanent electrical mechanical connection between the part and the solder is formed. Should be different products, heating rate available for selection. Titanium alloy pressure to ensure that the average temperature, fast heating and long service life. The head is particularly adjustable in level to ensure that the components are compressed evenly. Temperature control, clear and sophisticated. Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the preset pressure range.

Hot press is suitable for 4 * 8 feet, 3 * 6 feet multi-layer plywood hot press for plywood, multi-layer board, decorative panels, building templates, bamboo sheet and other hot forming. Will be hot pressed after the plate or paste the decorative paper or natural veneer wood-based panel substrate into the machine. Semi-finished or after the secondary processing of finished products, the equipment is essential for the production of plywood products, is the key equipment.

Hot press performance characteristics: This machine is widely used, can do hot puzzle, but also do ordinary veneer. With automatic feed and discharge table. Can achieve the effect of continuous work. Saving work cycle, easy to operate and reliable. Plywood is the glue under the action of a certain temperature and pressure, after a period of time, so that the glue layer to complete the process of curing, in the process of protein gel gradually solidified, resin glue molecules gradually polycondensation, and finally the formation of body structure The macromolecule.

Gluing process: In order to facilitate the infiltration, the adhesive is generally applied in liquid state (or sprayed) on the surface of the bonded material. The liquid state of the adhesive almost no shear strength, therefore, the liquid adhesive in the infiltration of the surface of the sticky material must be appropriate through their own way to become a solid force to bear the role. The mucous adhesive to take a variety of methods into a solid process is called fixed. For solvent-based adhesives, emulsion-type adhesives and hot-melt adhesives, can be through physical methods, such as solvent evaporation, emulsion aggregation and melt cooling, etc. fixed. For thermosetting adhesives to chemically make it polymerized into polymer solids. Adhesive in the adhesive products must be fixed at a certain temperature, pressure to maintain a period of time.

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