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Heat Pressing Machine Heating Up Fast Heating Temperature
Sep 07, 2017

Such as the purchase of hot press mechanical goods such as goods from the general function, function and value, manufacturers reliability and other aspects to consider. The traditional heating method is steam heating and electric heating. Steam heating heating fast, but need to equip the pressure boiler, high pressure piping, steam easily condensed into water composition board temperature uneven; electric heating with fast heating, heating temperature, simple control and other characteristics, but the power consumption, costly. The heat transfer oil heating: high heat capacity, temperature uniformity, at normal pressure can be heated to a very high temperature, low heat loss.

Hot plate heat medium activity of the heating channel is generally not for the furniture industry attention. Accurate loop planning, should be conducive to the activities of the heat medium, which will help the board temperature uniformity, reduce the heat medium leakage principle.

The hydraulic system of the hot press has two basic requirements: the pressure applied to the workpiece and the dynamic movement of the hot plate. The stability of rapid closing and holding pressure is the main policy to identify the function of hydraulic system. So the details of the purchase of hot press is the characteristics of what?

Machine Features:

1, depending on the goods, heating rate to choose from

2, titanium alloy pressure to ensure uniform temperature, fast heating and service life expertise

3, the pressure head specially selected level adjustable planning to ensure that the components pressure evenly

4, temperature control, understand the precision

5, with a digital pressure gauge, can be preset pressure scale

1, brand

Brand is a symbol of product quality and service quality.

Hot press - performance, life, structural design, worktop size, operation, etc., in a wide range of uses such as: solid wood board. Plywood. Decorative panels. Blockboard. Particleboard. MDF. Fire board. Melamine damp board and other furniture Industry, wood, building materials industry.

2. Domestic equipment cost is better than imports

As we all know, foreign equipment than domestic equipment prices about 10 times higher, which is mainly affected by labor costs, transportation costs, intellectual property and other factors. Although some manufacturers in order to occupy the Chinese woodworking machinery market, but also to China to do business, relying on cheap labor and easing policy to develop China's market, after deducting the expensive international freight, reducing some consumption, but the selling price is still higher than the domestic The same product made the same performance of foreign products, the price and easy to accept the user, in this case, the proposed basis for the procurement of domestic equipment.

3. Pre-sale and after-sales service

In addition, the domestic equipment pre-sale and after-sales service is very convenient, the user according to production needs, in the region of the dealer or directly under the guidance of the production plant equipment, equipment, the use of any technical problems, and accessories replacement is very convenient. Technology pre-sales and after-sales service for domestic production enterprises have been very mature, specifically pointed out that China's accession to the WTO, the Chinese woodworking machinery enterprises to pay attention to honest and trustworthy operation and services, to strengthen the domestic woodworking machinery confidence.

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