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Heat Pressing Machine Operation Check And Regular Maintenance How To Implement?
Oct 19, 2017

Heat Pressing Machine, which in the operation of the inspection process, which is mainly what? As well as the regular maintenance of the equipment, what items and content should be carried out? These are the Heat Pressing Machine is an important part of the use of the process, so the following, things not later, to carry out specific explanations, so that we clearly understand.

1. Check the Heat Pressing Machine during operation

 Heat Pressing Machine, its inspection process in the operation of the work is essential, so we should know what to be specific, so as to be foolproof. Its work content is:

(1) according to the thickness of the material, as well as the quality of the specific circumstances, to Heat Pressing Machineing time to make appropriate adjustments to make it appropriate.

(2) for the Heat Pressing Machineing machine thermal oil pressure, and hot plate temperature, is to pay attention at any time, whether there are abnormalities. Specifically, it is the phenomenon of oil spills, and, when the Heat Pressing Machine is closed, the hot plate temperature rise speed is normal.

(3) for the various stages of the equipment step-up, pressure and pressure, etc., mainly to see whether these meet the process requirements, in time is sufficient.

(4) for the Heat Pressing Machine in all parts, especially some important components, should focus on whether there are exceptions, some words should be dealt with in a timely manner.

2. Regular maintenance of Heat Pressing Machine

For Heat Pressing Machine, its regular maintenance work, in specific projects and content, mainly for the following, is:

(1) every six months, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, and can refer to the assembly and commission requirements. For the hot plate, the temperature rise of the various parts, whether it is consistent. As well as whether the internal clogging and so on.

(2) in the seals, valves and other parts, mainly to pay attention to its wear and tear. In addition, for the base and the rack, it is necessary to pay attention to its level, and its basic situation is good. If there is a problem, it should be dealt with immediately, there can not be any delay.

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