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Heat Pressing Machine Security Considerations For Operations
Oct 13, 2017

Heat Pressing Machine is a two of a good advance flux tin plating parts heated enough to make the solder melt, the flow of temperature, after curing, between the parts and solder form a permanent electrical mechanical connection equipment. should be different products, heating speed can be selected. The titanium alloy presses the head to ensure the temperature average, heats up quickly and the service life specialty. The pressure head is specially designed with a horizontal adjustable design to ensure the average pressure of the component. Temperature NC, clear and precise. Equipped with digital pressure gauge, can preset pressure range.

I. Safety precautions in operation of Hot Press

1., presses the operation and the overhaul must pay attention to the safety, the hand must not put in the hot Press board.

2, when the press is in thunder and lightning area must stop, and cut off the power.

3, keep the oil circuit switch in the open state.

4, the boot state, the operator may not leave the post.

5, Preheating presses: Closed press power, under the premise of no pressure, gradually improve the temperature, until the temperature required to rise to the pressure paste, can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of veneer,

6, the circulation pump is strictly prohibited to reverse.

7, the machine rated oil pressure for the 8Mpa, strictly prohibited the use of overpressure.

8, no special circumstances may not arbitrarily change the conveyor belt running speed and unloading speed. , time and other parameters, is strictly prohibited to change the hydraulic pipe and electrical control wiring, not at will adjust the handwheel of each valve, not to open the tank and air filter lid, if necessary, must be handled by professionals.

9, when the compressor hydraulic oil tank temperature of more than 50 degrees must use the cooler, summer should choose a higher viscosity of the hydraulic oil, the winter selection of low viscosity of hydraulic oil. When the pressure hydraulic oil tank temperature up to 65 degrees, the hydraulic pump shell of the maximum temperature should not exceed 75~85度, or should be discontinued.

10, the mold and workpiece in the active table on the upper deck should pay attention to, strictly prohibited bias!

11, keep the press clean and force evenly, in time to carefully remove the surface of the template residue, so as to avoid the use of reduced product quality.

12, normal use, often observe the veneer and plate changes, such as abnormal timely analysis and treatment, such as pollution in time to the plate cleaning, cleaning.

13, when the press continuous work 12 hours, be sure to interval 4 hours after work.

14, found abnormal sound in time downtime, the machine must not work, found fault in time to eliminate.

15, in the production, should pay special attention to the cleaning of the platen machine, to prevent oil spills and iron items fell on the platen surface, so as to avoid the waste plate and the damage to the plate of the vicious accident.

Second, how to make the hot press to play better?

Whether we are using what machine, we certainly want him to be able to use more conveniently and conveniently, then in terms of hot press, we should also how to use the best? Of course, in our use of hot-pressing machine is still some of the details of the needs of our attention, so small to collect some of this information, hope to bring us help.

Before we use the hot press, we will have to the corresponding application instructions have a certain understanding, if say you to hot press is not very understanding that still do not go to operate hot-pressing machine is better, not that our life prank. When we use the hot press, our power must be closed, then the low-pressure pump out to allow him to achieve the corresponding pressure, we also have to see the pressure of the accumulator to meet our needs, to ensure that there is no air inside the cylinder, thus ensuring the integrity of the seal. Of course we have to make sure the heating plate has reached the temperature we want.

In fact, we use hot-pressing machine, we need to do a lot of work, if we do not personally to try the words, even if the small plait said that more is useless, because we can't remember. Of course if we in the use of hot-pressing machine in the process of encountering what problems, can timely and we Lu Tong machinery to contact, we specialize in the production of hot presses, trust can bring US assistance. The brother who wants to buy hot Press can also find us, the quality certainly has guaranteed.

Third, how to buy Hot press?

China now all the plate hot press equipment frame welding and structure are similar, the key is the hydraulic system of discrimination!

Here I have two points to clarify how to distinguish the hot press good or bad!

1th: External steel frame of hot press: As long as it is from the thickness and weight of the steel plate difference! This is very simple difference, thickness can be measured, weight can be placed on the scales weighing!

2nd: The key part of the hot Press is the hydraulic system, in which the hydraulic top is the key part, the good Hot Press is the solid hydraulic top!

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