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Hot Melt Adhesive Composition
Nov 08, 2016

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic Binder, at a certain temperature within its physical state changes with temperature, are environmentally-friendly chemical products.
Now, you understand the composition of hot melt adhesives:
1, basic polymers: refers to those by many atoms or radicals mainly in Covalent bonds with a molecular weight of more than 10,000 compounds. The basic polymer can be used as hot melt adhesives, and determine the basic properties of hot melt Adhesive;
2, the melt viscosity control agent: common viscosity control agents are wax, such as, polyethylene wax, paraffin wax, micro-crystalline wax, is to adjust the viscosity of the melt, improved wettability and accelerated-curing and prevention of hot-melt bonding block;
3, anti-oxidants: such as di-tert-butyl-p-phenol, triphenyl phosphite ester, adding antioxidants to prevent hot melt oxidation and decomposition at high temperatures, when using the thermal stability of materials, you must add antioxidants;
4, plasticizers: common plasticizers such as phthalates bis (ethyl Hexyl) ester, is to reduce the price of macromolecules between forces, improve the toughness of hot-melt glue, cold resistance and lower melting points. To control the plasticizer dosage, or you will reduce the cohesive strength of adhesive layer;
5, bulking agent: commonly used fillers such as calcium carbonate, silica, talc, etc, is to accelerate the curing speed of hot melt adhesives, reduce contractions, prevention of permeability of plastic, improving the heat resistance and reduce costs, excessive, melt viscosity of the glue, tack and invasive variation;
6, tackifying resins: C5 petroleum resin, terpene-phenolic resins, phenolic resin, modified Rosin, Rosin, role in added tack and permanent bonding strength, lower melt viscosity of hot melt adhesives, improve the infiltration of glued materials;
Above is the composition of the hot-melt Adhesive, in addition to the above several raw materials, due to differences in area, will also join the appropriate temperature of the heat-resistance of cold resistant agents or agents.

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