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How Is The Laser Cutting Machine In The Summer?
Oct 10, 2017

How is the laser cutting machine in the summer?

Summer due to the temperature rise, air humidity. The so-called sharpening workmanship, laser cutting machine scientific maintenance not only to avoid some minor faults, improve cutting efficiency, but also improve the life of some accessories.

One, to avoid condensation

The temperature of the cooling water should not be too different from the air temperature. Laser cutting machine laser and optical lenses are used in the water cooling method, because the air in the cold water will condense into water, when the cooling water temperature is lower than room temperature 5-7 degrees, the laser and optical lens surface will be exposed Condensation, to a large extent affected the laser light efficiency and optical lens light transmission, the laser energy and optical accessories have a great impact on life. Laser and cutting head part of the use of separate water cooling recommended users set the laser low temperature all the way to set the water temperature of 26 degrees, cutting head and fiber all the way to about 30 degrees (depending on the temperature and humidity), strictly follow the summer switch machine sequence.

Warning: the laser can not be turned off, the water cooler is still running!

Hot and humid weather will make laser power and laser equipment in various parts of the wet or condensation, which led to a variety of failures, which seriously affect the normal production of the user. Due to the above reasons arising from the failure, does not belong to the normal warranty.


1, in the laser device shutdown when the water cooling machine should also be closed to prevent the temperature difference is too large and lead to downtime caused condensation;

2, strongly require the integration of the operating room customers to install air conditioning or laser installed in the air-conditioned room, and can maintain continuous and stable operation of air conditioning (including the evening) to keep the indoor temperature and humidity, or each time the boot, open the air conditioning operation half Hours after the laser power and water cooling machine.

Second, the maintenance of cooling system, why cooling water

The temperature of the summer, the laser cutting machine cooling system working pressure increases, it is recommended to check the temperature before the arrival of the internal cooling machine hydraulic press, different manufacturers of equipment pressure is not the same, it is recommended before the consultation equipment manufacturers specific parameter.

Due to the high temperature, the deterioration rate of cooling water will be accelerated. It is advisable to use regular distilled water or pure water to clean up the water tank and replace the water tank (the recommended replacement cycle is not more than 15 days) in order to avoid the addition of laser and pipe Scale affect the cooling water flow caused by high temperature alarm, clean up the scale of the equipment manufacturers under the guidance of the operation.

Third, rail maintenance

The rails should always be cleaned to remove dust and other debris, ensuring that the equipment is partially lubricated and free of debris. Regular cleaning and on the oil, to ensure that the machine can be carried out in the precise positioning to achieve more accurate cutting, improve product quality.

Fourth, the control cabinet

As the laser cutting machine dust is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to regularly clean the laser cutting machine electrical cabinet dust and check the working conditions of the cooling fan.

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