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How To Deal With Hot-melt Adhesive Often Encountered Two Major Problems
Nov 08, 2016

Some of the hot melt Adhesive in use long after there will be some problems. For example, hot-melt glue stick, no glue and so on. Today, we're going to solve these two problems:
A non-stick, hot melt Adhesive:
1, hot-melt Adhesive in production prior to metamorphism. Performance is poor, unstable hot melt Adhesive was stored for a long time, prone to change, and this affects the performance of hot melt adhesive.
2, hot-melt Adhesive performance. Due to lack of penetration will affect the adhesion between the book started the status and performance of hot melt adhesive is relatively stable, but pages may occur over a long time off, sticky interface crack phenomenon.
3, production operations properly. For example, pages falling off problem, this is not necessarily a result of the performance of hot melt adhesive. In front of the binding glue, need to consider the surface of hot-melt glue can book good penetration. If penetration is not good, will affect the book's binding effect, and after the plastic collapse pressure of time, need to have enough pressure and pressure of time or can also affect the performance of hot melt adhesive.
Second, hot melt adhesives:
1, before using the hot-melt adhesive that is not already preheated at a certain time? (When using hot melt glue gun for the first time every day, hot-melt adhesives hot melt glue gun out there 4-6-minute Preheat. )
2, although easy to use hot melt glue can easily save, but also has a shelf life, typically hot-melt Adhesive for a period of 1 to 1.5 years, so to check the hot melt adhesive is not already passed the durability date.

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