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Sealing Machine A Machine In Which A Container Filled With A Wrapper Is Sealed
Sep 22, 2017

The sealing machine is a machine which seals the container filled with the packaging material. After the product is packed into the packaging container, it is necessary to seal the packaging container in order to keep the product sealed and keep the product quality and avoid product loss. Sealing machine to complete. General sealing machine by the rack, slow speed transmission mechanism, sealing printing agencies, transmission equipment and electrical control system and other components.

First, the current sealing machine can be divided into the following:

(1) Automatic sealing machine: This machine is suitable for aluminum foil bag, plastic bag, compound bag ideal sealing machine for medicine, pesticide, food, daily chemical, lubricating oil, food and so on.It is a food factory, a cosmetics factory, a pharmaceutical factory and so on The ideal sealing equipment, can be continuous operation, but also according to user needs to play the date, batch number, etc., apply to the pipeline work.

(2) hand pressure sealing machine: for a variety of plastic film, composite film and aluminum-plastic film sealing, can be widely applied to food, native products, candy, tea, medicine, hardware and other industries.

(3) foot sealing machine: This machine is suitable for rice, soybeans and other agricultural products and chemical and other items of the seal, is the store, home, factory use, more economical sealing equipment.

(4) aluminum foil sealing machine: The machine is designed for pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food, cosmetics, light industry, the aluminum foil on the strict sealing, the product has a good moisture, mold, security, anti-theft effect, Save the purpose of the cycle.

Second, the single-head automatic sealing machine Main features:

The series capping machine is dedicated to the blockade of the torsional aluminum anti-theft cover and the finish.

1. Sealing tight: sealed seamless, no scratches, back cover tight.

2. Wide adaptability: cover head can be used German flat head or four round balance lever head.

3. Bottle damage rate is small: the use of bottle positioning device, bottle and head positioning more accurate, improve the cap utilization.

4. High degree of automation: the device has a self-cover and automatic cover function, can be equipped with automatic cover, to achieve automatic function.

5. Long service life: sealing wheel with a special material manufacturing by high wear resistance.

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