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Sealing Machine Detailed Description
May 15, 2017

Sealing machine, according to the network and local habits can be called hot air seam sealing machine, heat sealing machine, pressure plastic machine, sealing plastic machine, hot air sealing machine.

Processing need waterproof stickers, including PU tape, pure PU tape, three with, with rubber, special tape, and so on.

Sealing machine Machine use

Mainly used for all kinds of waterproof clothing and outdoor sports products seam processing, such as suit raincoats, waterproof shoes and hats, tents, Jackets, waterproof diving suits and so on.

Sealing machine working principle

Heating pipe heating, and then use the pump to heat the heat sealing tape, to reach the melting point, and finally up and down the two rubber wheel closed rotation, so that tape and fabric closely.

Sealing machine details:

1. High stability, protection of heating wire.

2. Sequence parameter design using a variety of time relay settings adjustment, debugging and maintenance is simple and easy.

3. Up and down the pressure wheel chain synchronous transmission, automatic compensation virtual position, reduce the pressure blank, to ensure product quality.

4. Mechanical part of the selection of high-quality steel, solid design, durable.

5. According to ergonomic design of dual foot control procedures, comfortable operation, easy fatigue, suitable for long operation. The following are the same as the "

6. Can work 24 hours a day, efficient production.

7. Unique heat pipe structure, independent fan for the wind.

8. The main components of a full set of imported brand-name electrical components, high reliability, reduce the failure rate.

9. Automatic retreat function, improve product quality.

10. Automatic cutting belt, conveyor belt, automatic end with tail to reduce material loss.

11. Reinforced curved structure, large operating space.

12. The next column unique ultra-thin design, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized products sealed pressure belt.

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