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Seamless Hot Press Use Advantages
May 15, 2017

Seamless hot press use the advantages of the following points

Seamless hot press use the following advantages:

Seamless hot press uses a transformer to produce a low voltage of high current, through the welding head to make it heat quickly. Pulse current refers to the current ON and OFF frequency ratio, the greater the proportion of the pulse, the greater the current output, welding head heating faster. The seamless press presses the workpiece in the fixture (if necessary, it can be vacuumed). The fixture is sent to the welding head, press the double start key, press the workpiece under the welding head (start heating), the temperature increases rapidly according to the input parameters and accurate temperature, up to 4 temperature zones (at this time solder reflow) Cooling (solder solidification), welding head up (complete).

1, seamless hot press can be welded those who can not use the reflow device, can help them to resume normal operation.

2, seamless hot press welding device does not appear inconsistent appearance, or the phenomenon of uneven surface, but must be professional staff to operate.

3, seamless hot press can achieve instantaneous power and instantaneous warming effect, he does not continue to power, and once the welding head at both ends of the voltage after the closure, the welding head can instantly return to room temperature.

4, seamless hot press welding out of the device will not appear bad phenomenon, of course, the premise is to operate the professional staff.

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