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Several Key Of Laser Cutting Machine
Jun 22, 2017

  Several key of laser cutting machine

  Laser cutting machine several key technology is light, machine, electric integration of the integrated technology.

  In the laser cutting machine laser beam parameters, machine and numerical control system performance and accuracy of a direct impact on laser cutting efficiency and quality. Especially for the cutting accuracy of the higher or greater thickness of the parts, we must master and solve the following key technologies: 1, focus position control technology: laser cutting is one of the advantages of high energy beam density,laser cutting machine generally 10W / cm2. Since the energy density is proportional to 4 / πd2, the focal spot diameter is as small as possible to produce a narrow slit; the focus spot diameter is also proportional to the focal depth of the lens. The smaller the focal length of the focusing lens, the smaller the spot spot diameter. But the cutting splash, the lens is too close to the workpiece is easy to damage the lens, so the general high-power CO2 laser cutting machine industrial applications widely used 5 〃 ~ 7.5 〃 "(127 ~ 190mm) focal length. Actual focus spot diameter of 0.1 ~ 0.4 Mm. For high-quality cutting, the effective focal depth is also related to the lens diameter and the cut material, for example with a 5 〃 lens cut carbon steel with a focal depth of + 2% of the focal length, ie about 5mm. The focus is relative to the location of the material being cut is very important.Can regard the cutting quality, cutting speed and other factors, in principle, 6mm metal material,laser cutting machine the focus on the surface; 6mm carbon steel, the focus on the surface; 6mm stainless steel, Under the surface, the specific dimensions are determined experimentally.

  There are three ways to determine the location of a focus in industrial production:

  (1) printing method: the cutting head from top to bottom movement, in the plastic plate on the laser beam printing, print the smallest point for the focus.

  (2) inclined plate method: with the vertical axis at an angle oblique plastic plate to the level of pulling, looking for the laser beam at the minimum focus.

  (3) blue spark method: remove the nozzle, blow the air,laser cutting machine the pulse laser hit the stainless steel plate, so that the cutting head from top to bottom movement, until the blue spark as the focus.

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