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Talking About The Piston Nursing Method Of Heat Pressing Machine
Aug 14, 2017

  Talking about the Piston Nursing Method of Heat Pressing Machine:

  Press and replace the seal of the Heat Pressing Machine Piston The rubber ring is not worn or installed correctly and is the direct cause of the oil spill. The piston surface is damaged or the position is not correct and is the indirect cause. The piston surface is good, the correct installation of rubber seals, the service life of up to 6 months or more. The main cause of damage to the piston surface is the oil containing sand and other impurities. Once the surface of the piston is scratched, the scar will rapidly expand and deepen under the intense grinding of the leaking high pressure oil. During the pressurization process, the acidic waste water extruded in the wet plate has a corrosive effect on the piston surface. The higher the temperature, the greater the corrosion effect, especially when the piston surface hard protective layer of the case of scars, especially serious.

  In addition, the Heat Pressing Machine out of the waste water in the small wood fiber, it is easy to squeeze between the seal and the piston, affecting the sealing effect. Hydraulic oil to keep clean, oil tank should be sealed. Oil pump suction pipe to maintain integrity, if damaged to be replaced in time. Inspection should be removed when the pool of sediment, the oil after clarification or filtration in use (the emulsion should be replaced). This is also important for protecting oil pumps and precision valves. The spray pipe around the piston is flushing the piston, free from acidic waste water and keep it clean, and at higher temperatures also play a role in reducing the piston temperature. Piston partial grinding, but also cause surface abrasion and sealing ring wear or crush one of the reasons, it is due to wet slab often left and right thickness inconsistency, press the pressure generated when the partial load caused. Piston and cylinder with the accuracy of D (dc4), the gap is too large will cause partial grinding. Often oil spill cylinders should be removed during inspection to check the surface of the piston, especially at the highest pressure when the part of the seal position, the damage should be replaced when serious.

  If the phenomenon of partial grinding, Heat Pressing Machine need to check the piston and cylinder with the accuracy, and in the production process to take measures to prevent partial grinding. When replacing the sealing ring, pay attention to safety and prevent the stolen goods, support the brackets (lower beam) four corners of the "mandrel" support and then operate. Start with the next set of pressure ring (large diameter piston pressure ring too heavy, can be used small manual hoist lifting), with a wire hook one by one out of the seal, put on a new, and then tighten the pressure ring. To prevent the seal "flanging" phenomenon. Replace the seal to carefully check and analyze the cause of the damage in order to take precautions. The size, structure and shape of the rubber seal are selected according to the standard stipulated in the drawings and can not be changed at will.

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