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TPU Brief Introduction
Nov 08, 2016

Main characteristics of TPU
Hardness range: by changing the TPU the ratio of reaction components, different products can be obtained, and with increasing hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and resistance to abrasion.
High mechanical strength: TPU products, load capacity, shock resistance and shock absorption properties stand out.
Cold: the lower glass transition temperature for TPU, lingxia35du remain excellent elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties.
Good processing properties: TPU common thermoplastic material processing method for processing, such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering, etc. Meanwhile, TPU and certain polymers polymer alloys of common processing can be complementary.
Resistant to oil, water and mold.
Recycling is good.
TPU elastomer is a lying between rubber and plastic materials, which come out from its rigid, rigid TPU can be measured by modulus. Elastic modulus of rubber is usually 1~10Mpa,TPU in 10~1000Mpa plastics (nylon, ABS,PC,POM) in the 1000~10000Mpa. TPU of hardness range quite wide, from ShoreA60~ShoreD80 and in whole hardness range within has high elastic; TPU in is wide of temperature range within-40~120℃, has flexible, and not need plasticizer; TPU on oil class (mineral oil, flora and fauna oil and lubricants) and many solvent has good of resistance capacity; TPU also has good of resistance weather sex, very excellent of resistance high-energy Ray performance. Known as abrasion resistance, tear resistance, bending interference intensity is excellent; high tensile strength, elongation, low long-term compression rate are the advantages of TPU.
TPU performance presented here consists of three aspects: mechanical properties, physical properties and environmental performance.
1. mechanical properties: mechanical properties of TPU elastomers include: hardness, tensile strength, compression, tear strength, resilience and wear resistance, resistance to flexion perturbation, and mechanical properties of TPU elastic plastic, in addition to these properties, as well as high shear strength and impact energy.
(A) hardness: hardness is the resistance to deformation, a kind of indicator of nicks and scratches. TPU usually shore a hardness (ShoreA) and shore d (shoreD) determination of hardness, shore a for soft TPU, shore d for hard TPU. Hardness is mainly decided by the TPU structure in the hard segment content, hard segment content the higher the hardness of the TPU will rise. Hardness after rising TPU other performance changes, tensile modulus, tear strength, stiffness and compression stress (load) increases, elongation rate, density and dynamic heating increases, increased environmental resistance. TPU hardness a certain relation with temperature. From room temperature cooling temperature to mutation ( -4~-12), no significant change in hardness; sudden temperature, TPU hardness suddenly becomes very stiff and loses its elasticity, which is the result of crystallization due to the soft segments.
(B) hardness and elongation and elongation of the relationship and the relationship between hardness and tear strength. With the increasing hardness of TPU, 100% 300% rapid increase in elongation elongation and elongation decreased. This is mainly due to the results of the hard segment content: high hard segment content, the formation of hard segments are more easily formed paracrystal or crystalline structure and increase the number of physical limit deformation of materials. If the material deformation must increase the stress, resulting in improved elongation and elongation at break down. Relationship between hardness and tear strength of TPU, with increasing hardness, rapid increase in tear strength, modulus of the grounds and explain the same.
TPU formulation and performance for many kinds of permutations and combinations. But when reality and industrial production design formula, but because the raw materials (polyol and isocyanate and chain extenders) are limited, so that really can be used for a high-end application development, it is very difficult.

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