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What Are The Reasons For The Deformation Of The Heat Pressing Machine?
Aug 14, 2017

  What are the reasons for the deformation of the Heat Pressing Machine?

  Most of the deformation of the Heat Pressing Machine plate is a regular transverse deformation and longitudinal deformation, the main reasons are the following:

  1. Heating is not uniform, warm up when the temperature is too fast, especially in the Heat Pressing Machine cold start warmer more easily deformed.

  2. With steam heating, and sometimes hot plate within the steam pipe is poor or fouling obstruction, uneven conduction in the heating, so that the hot plate of the various parts of the temperature rise speed varies, has led to Heat Pressing Machineing deformation; sometimes condensate discharge is not Smooth and easy to control the temperature, more likely to lead to hot plate deformation.

  3. In the production process, the emergence of missing slab, loaded short slab or individual slab density is too low a situation, so that the pressure will be added to the thickness gauge on the hot plate deformation.

  4. If the press out of the poor press, unloading the board pallets, the rear of the slab and the front of the board collided, it will make the front of the slab fiber pile. If the operator can not be found in time, pressing the Heat Pressing Machine is easy to form the hot plate deformation.

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