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What Is The Pasting Machine?
Nov 08, 2016

In the packaging and printing industry, pasting machine application is processing the last operation in the box, is printed cardboard folding, die-cut and taped live machines gluing in place of the manual gluing, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency. Pasting machine parts into the paper, folded, forming, pressing, hook the bottom box. Paste box machine according to function is divided into Shun stick paste box machine, hook end of paste box machine,, General of paste box machine not with ditch end of function even not with pre folding, good is of with pre folding, certainly now most paste box machine are has pre folding, do hook end of box certainly must with ditch end of paste box machine, function good is of paste box machine also can making six angle and specific box, but to configuration spray rubber system and other device.
Working principle
Automatically paste box machine of work principle is started power Hou, whole article belt began movement, will die cut good of semi-finished products tray placed in paste box machine into paper bit, by belt automatically will single Zhang box tablets according to block paper head frame has set good of sent paper report into middle belt (if semi-finished products tray after covered film or glazing, surface processing, into middle Hou, should tray can while by rubber gun in inside edge Shang rubber) belt will tray conveying to Hou paragraph paste box parts pressure package.

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