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Zipper Bag Bag Machine Common Problems
May 12, 2017

Zipper bag bag machine Analysis of Common Problems and Causes of Bag in Bag - making Bag

Zipper bag bag machine What are the common problems and causes of zipper bag bag making bag? Then let's introduce it

Zipper bag bag machine One, the bag cut constantly

1,cut with coke;

2, the knife temperature is too low;

3, silicone conveyor belt is too slippery, no sticky, conveyor belt with the old hair;

4, the knife pressure is insufficient.

Zipper bag bag machine Second, there are black spots on the bag or pitting

1, rubber roller, aluminum roller is not clean;

2, before and after the water pressure plate is not clean below;

3, the conveyor belt is not clean;

4, knife-edge coke material.

Zipper bag bag machine Third, plastic bags have leaks or holes

1, knife edge with coke;

2, water pressure plate for the pressure;

3, the speed is too fast;

4, folder chain, tendons thick;

5, the material roll crushed.

Zipper bag bag machine Fourth, the size of plastic bags inconsistent

1, the computer's colored switch is not activated;

2, roller is not pressure in place;

3, feeding motor is not open;

4, feeding roller is not pressed;

5, conveyor belt is too loose;

6, transmission gear gap oil wear;

7, synchronous belt is too loose;

8, conveyor belt and cut off the operation does not match.

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